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Our Company in brief


Origin by Ocean use sea and ocean grown biomass such as algae, bladder wrack and kelp, to produce natural and biologically sustainable ingredients for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharma industries.

The global challenge we solve


The continuous flow of artificial Phosphorus and Nitrogen into our waters creates extensive blue-green algae blooms and concentrations.


  • Contaminated drinking water

  • Loss of fish population and native seaweed

  • Health threats such as skin rash and allergies

  • Poisoning of animals and birds


-> We want to create value from an environmental problem by harvesting the blue green algae and utilising it. We want to do our part to get nature back in balance.

The value we create


To the customers, Origin by Ocean creates value by offering bio-based and non-synthetic ingredients that improve sustainability throughout the value chain up to the end user. Products of animal origin are replaced by the plant-based innovations.


To the surrounding environment and communities, Origin by Ocean creates value by cleaning the sea waters: we harvest the blue green algae and our process makes use of this harmful algae growth as a source of biological raw material. Thus we also create sustainable growth environments for natural bladder wrack and kelp. By aqua farming bladder wrack we create jobs on the coastal areas.

Our purpose and who we are


We found our common purpose from solving a global environmental issue. We are committed to build a business ecosystem, by creating value streams for society, individuals and businesses, while innovating a solution for a global challenge.


Mari Granström


“I am passionate about sustainability and bio-based solutions respecting nature’s resources. I am an environmental change making urban activist with a scientific business twist.”


Mikael Westerlund


“I am passionate about our wildlife and the wellbeing of our nature. I am a business minded nature lover. I was born in Nagu, in the midst of the Turku archipelago, with the Baltic sea close to heart.“

Mission & Vision


Our Mission


A better planet for all of us, through sustainable use of forested and harvested marine biomass from our oceans.


Our Vision


Cleaner water, Cleaner oceans, Cleaner life.







Our innovation is to make a good use of algae, which is everywhere!


The benefits of algae:


  • A raw material that grows naturally and can be farmed and harvested in natural environments

  • Sustainable manufacturing process with favourable environmental impact and footprint – process residuals are biodegradable and can be used in e.g. fertilizers

  • Biological, environmentally sustainable products for use across several industries

Our strategy


We create value from an environmental problem, in this first cast the eutrophication of our waters. By creating completely new value streams we are able to support sustainable economic growth at the same time that we are able to rectify the problem. 

Our goals


  • To create a global company that is taking the lead and a new approach to the environmental issues

  • To build a network of ecosystem partners that are jointly working to create value from our environmental issues in our oceans.

  • To be the key player in creating the natural balance in our oceans

























For The Natural Balance of Ocean Life


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