Are you our next Labtech trainee?

Updated: 4 days ago

We are looking for a new trainee to join our research and development team.

Are you interested in the next generation of bio based products, sustainability and the wellbeing of our oceans? Maybe you are keen to learn more about the chemical and process industry, process and product development and analytical chemistry then we can offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity

Join us, learn from our team of scientists, and gain valuable learnings from our experienced lab technicians. You can be part of our team creating our neo-ecology biorefinery technology and process.

The apprentice we are looking for has most likely completed the 2nd year of the Lab-technician training. In the lab, this "apprentice" will be provided with training and guidance by our team and we want you to become independent in your work and grow your own knowledge-base.

The Lab-tech trainee joining our team is positive, enthusiastic to learn and forward looking.

Our technology, that you will be developing with us, will play a vital role in the reduction of nutrients in our oceans. The value that we create in our neo-ecology biorefinery will allow us create totally new value streams and ecosystems tackling many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The neo-ecology biorefinery plants will eventually produce biobased molecules for the use in different consumer products and applications. The typical applications can be found within food & beverage, cosmetics, personal hygiene, detergents and pharmaceutical products. Here you can find some of the customers that we are working with on the development of product applications with.


Be brave, follow your dreams and join our great team of enthusiastic trailblazers at Origin by Ocean in developing the new and unique neo-ecology biorefinery process and business!

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