We have a lift-off! Let the work begin!

Today, we are happy to communicate some extremely happy and good news!

We we have successfully closed our investment Seed investment round of 2MEUR. The Seed investment round has been closed with a number of private investors, company advisors, family offices, and industrial investors.

The industrial investors are represented by Kiilto Oy, Moomin Characters Oy and KPMG Oy.

  1. Here you can find the official press release (suomeksi) related to this Seed Investment round.

  2. Here you can find a link to the KPMG View magazine, with an article on the our company and the involvement from KPMG's side in the early phase of our startup from.

  3. Here you can find the recent press release of the cooperation with Kiilto Oy

We are extremely thankful, happy and excited about the fact that we have been able to close this Seed round of investment with a total of 2MEUR, despite COVID-19!

Next we will start with the real actions and work taking us forward in this journey that now has seen lift-off!

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