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CAERULO™ is sodium alginate, a biopolymer from brown algae that brings high performance and sensoriality to complex formulations.

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AZULO™ is purified Mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) from brown algae that protects skin against photoaging and boosts the UV protection factor of suncare products.

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AXUREO™ is a high purity fucoxanthin, a bioactive carotenoid that has superior antioxidant properties providing therapeutic benefits to prevent skin ageing and holistic skin care.

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CUMATILO™ is high purity fucoidan from brown algae. Fucoidan is a fucose-rich sulphated bioactive polysaccharide that regulates cell communication, cellular metabolism, and immunomodulation — similar to the native activity of fucoidan in seaweed.

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CALLAINO™ is brown algae residue enriched with bioactive amino acids, lipids,  polysaccharides, polyphenols, fibers, and minerals, that provide therapeutic and cosmetic benefits for skin health and

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