Our vision

The origin of the only life we know in the universe started in the ocean. Life still depends on it.


Our vision is one where humanity has taken action to reclaim the oceans back from polluting agricultural and chemical industries, back from the algal blooms, back from lifelessness.

There’s a plague
in every ocean
on the planet
affecting every


The three main problems affecting our planet are all connected to the oceans and to each other.


01 Ocean Pollution

In addition to the mounting levels of oil-based plastic garbage in the oceans, marine life is suffocating from eutrophied dead zones from runaway invasive algae blooms. It thrives off of three things humans keep putting into the ocean: nitrogen, phosphorus and heat. Toxic chemicals destroy entire food chains of sea mammals, corals, and fish.

02 Loss of biodiversity

The loss of marine biodiversity is weakening the ocean ecosystem and its ability to withstand disturbances, to adapt to climate change and to play its role as a global ecological and climate regulator. The ocean is home to millions of species.
ObO_Climate -change

03 Climate change

The ocean and algae absorb a majority carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere. The rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is driving up ocean surface temperatures and causing ocean acidification.
Eutrophication, chemicals and plastic debris have turned the origin of life into humanity’s sewer and junk yard. The lives and livelihoods of people suffer with the oceans.
We want to reclaim the future for all of the people of tomorrow.

Our mission
is to make
the chemical
run on algae.

Reclaiming the oceans requires reclaiming the origin of the chemical products in our everyday consumer products too. Instead of oil, their origins will be algae-based: ecological, decomposable, and renewable.

Our plan for the
next decade


We believe that in order for things to happen at a massive scale, it has to be turned into an industry. One with a reimagined value chain.

The commercial
processed algae market
could surpass US$

85 billion

by 2026.

The planetary problems are going to get worse before they get better. Our plan is to set up our biorefineries in the spots that will be most affected by eutrophication.

Explore our plan

The current round of financing is being used to build the commercialisation and production capabilities of the company. Recruitment of technical sales, engineering, product and process quality control team members is underway.

Scaling up and industrialising our process will allow us to increase production outputs. We will therefore be able to accelerate customer and consumer product application work too.

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