About us

Origin by Ocean is a platform-based algae refining company based in Finland.

We believe that in order for things to happen at a massive scale, it has to be turned into an industry. One with a reimagined value chain.


Micro and macroalgae are viable crops to grow and harvest, but there's a huge difference in how it’s done. We want to do it right.

We discovered that with the right process, we can remove marine overgrowth and transform them into ecological, healthy and oil-free ingredients for everyday consumer products. Every product would ease the chokehold of eutrophication.
Our platform would empower people who love the ocean to harvest their eutrophied shores and turn it into a sustainable income.

The UN
2030 is at
the heart of
why we exist

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guide our short- and long-term planning and operations. We want our people to know they are working toward real global goals, so the SDGs are the foundation of our hiring process too.

Global Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Good health
& well-being

With bio-based chemicals we can eradicate hazardous chemicals and create a ‘new industrial standard’ for pollution and waste releases as well as health and safety in the chemical industry.

Decent work
& economic

We create opportunities for income generation more economic and social independency in communities along the coasts of oceans and seas.

SDG 12
& production

We remove invasive algae and nutrients from the oceans and reduce non-biodegradable waste. Our manufacturing is based on a circular model.


SDG 13
Climate action

We increase possibilities and opportunities for local communities to plan, act and manage climate change related issues through education and raised awareness.

SDG 14
Life below

We prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, from agriculture, marine plastic debris and nutrient pollution. We also improve the health of marine ecosystems by growing biodiverse seaweed forests.

SDG 17
for the goals

We create opportunities for income generation more economic and social independency in communities along the coasts of oceans and seas.


Our team

Our team
Our team
Our team
Our team
Our team

We built this company on shared sustainable values. Everybody at Origin by Ocean is committed to the same set of values, including our founding members, employees and advisors.

Mari Granström

Chief Executive Activist, CEO

PhD, Organic Chemistry

“Ever since I started my degree, I’ve always been enthusiastic about new biomaterials and biorefinery concepts.

For five years, I’ve been working on how to create value from this massive global problem and turn it into a profitable and sustainable business.”

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Heikki Heiskanen

Chief Operating Activist

MSc, Industrial Economics

"I have always been keen to find new economically viable solutions to environmental and social issues. 

Sustainability is one of my core values. Origin by Ocean will be a role model for planet-driven industrial practices that combine a regenerative economy with the technology of a new era".

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Régis Delatouche

Science Director Activist

PhD, Organic Chemistry

Marine organisms have always been a source of inspiration and wonder for organic chemists like me. They can produce a myriad of complex and unique molecules, making them beautiful and attractive for many applications. Algae are no exception. The valuable molecules they contain will benefit the planet and humanity. 

It's an exciting challenge for me to develop a sustainable way to extract, refine and unlock the full potential of algae-based ingredients.

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Toni Luomaranta

Impact Director Activist

Doctor of Science (Technology)

"Throughout my career in technology and innovation development, I have had a strong purpose-driven approach.

I look forward to scaling up our innovation, which embeds a systemic view and enables regenerative value creation across the entire value chain. Our innovation contributes to actively replenishing the state of the environment and marine ecosystems, while supporting equitable social and economic development."

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Annukka Tarvainen

Technology and Investment Director Activist

MSc, Environmental Engineering

Caring for the environment has always been part of my values and I have been lucky to do projects for the environment during my working life. 

Now, with Origin by Ocean, I get to enable the industrialization of this regenerative process for the seas. I am very excited about the future, where we are going and what we can do for the benefit of the Earth.

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Ari Ruuskanen

Lead Biomass Activist

Gayathri Murukesan

Lead Algae Science Activist

Hanna Haajanen

Product Application Activist

Markus Lehtonen

Science Activist

Marttin Peitsara

Analytics Science Activist

Lilli Torres

Office Manager Activist

Stefan Sjöholm

Environmental Engineering Activist

Susanna Berghäll

Senior Labtech Activist

Laura Cappelatti

Lead Science Activist

Joni Kastelli

Labtech Activist

Klaus Muuronen

Lead Chemical Engineering Activist

Marika Kirjakoff

Labtech Activist

Rasmus Nätti

Labtech Activist

Tania Rahman

Labtech Activist

Mamata Bhattarai

Lead Application Activist

Tero Valtonen

Lead Supply Chain Activist

Hertta Pihlasvaara

Analytical Manager Activist

Tiina Witikkala

Lead Chemical Engineer Activist

Veera Asiala

Labtech Activist

Laura Mikkonen

Labtech Activist

Antti Koponen

Lead Chemical Engineer Activist

Heidi Ekblad

Laboratory Technician Activist