Origin by Ocean Academy

An immersive learning journey by the Baltic Sea. 

See, feel and understand the oceans and their ecosystems.


A deep dive into marine knowledge, guided by experts

Led by esteemed marine biologist Ari Ruuskanen, the Academy's curriculum dives into the oceans' complex ecosystems, covering their physical, chemical, and biological and ecological characteristics.  Participants will delve into the oceans' ancient history, understand their current state, and explore future possibilities. 
The first Academy will be held in Finnish, but we plan to offer the curriculum in English later on.

Our oceans are not just bodies of water; they are complex, living systems with a rich history and a critical role in our planet's future.
–Ari Ruuskanen, Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean Academy - Fostering a community of ocean savers

Fostering a community of ocean savers


Aligning with Origin by Ocean's mission, the Academy aims not just to educate but to activate.

The Academy encourages a broad spectrum of participants, who hold the Baltic Sea dear to their hearts to turn the challenges of eutrophication into sustainable economic opportunities. This can include islanders, seaweed farmers, media professionals, and interested citizens in general, to explore sustainable solutions for eutrophication and other environmental challenges.





"Our seas need guardians, and we are here to foster them. Every individual has the power to make a difference. Our goal is to equip them with the knowledge and tools to do so."

Mari Granström, Chief Executive Activist, Origin by Ocean

The application to the first Origin by Ocean Academy has ended. Thank you for showing interest in learning more about the oceans! Those selected for the workshop will be notified personally by 1.2.2024.


Hakuaika Origin by Ocean Akatemiaan on päättynyt. Työpajaan valituille ilmoitetaan henkilökohtaisesti 1.2.2024 mennessä.