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A deep dive into marine knowledge continues in August 2024




The Origin by Ocean Academy, launched in the spring of 2024, will continue in August with a focus on exploring the Baltic Sea's underwater ecosystems through snorkelling. The free, multidisciplinary program by Finnish algae-based innovation startup Origin by Ocean aims to share knowledge with citizens interested in impacting the future of our oceans. Led by esteemed marine biologist Ari Ruuskanen, the Academy's curriculum dives into the oceans' complex ecosystems, providing participants with tools to turn oceanic challenges into opportunities. The Academy will be held in Finnish.

"The role of shoreline zones in our ecosystem and their significance will be examined to enhance understanding of one of the Baltic Sea's most important but invisible environments."

Ari Ruuskanen, Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean Academy - Fostering a community of ocean savers

Fostering a community of ocean savers


Aligning with Origin by Ocean's mission, the Academy aims not just to educate but to activate.

The Academy encourages a broad spectrum of participants, who hold the Baltic Sea dear to their hearts to turn the challenges of eutrophication into sustainable economic opportunities. This can include islanders, seaweed farmers, media professionals, and interested citizens in general, to explore sustainable solutions for eutrophication and other environmental challenges.

"With the launch of Origin by Ocean Academy in the spring of 2024 and the encouraging experience we have gained, we are excited to continue sharing knowledge that is meaningful not only to us at Origin by Ocean but also to our community, and empowering citizens through knowledge."

Mari Granström, CEO of Origin by Ocean


Training Program Overview

Academy by the Sea is a two-day training program.

  1. The first day includes a lecture introducing the ecology and special features of shoreline zones, followed by training in the use of diving masks and wetsuits, and practising swimming techniques.
  2. On the second day, a trip to the shore will be made to apply the lessons learned in practice and make observations of the shoreline ecosystem. The program concludes with a summary session.


Application Process and Schedule for the Training Program

Applications for the training program can be submitted by filling out the open application form using the link below. The application period is open from June 4 to June 14, 2024. Applicants will be notified of their selection on June 18. A maximum of 10 participants will be selected for the program.

The training program consists of two approximately four-hour study days on August 9–10, 2024. The first day's lectures will be held at Origin by Ocean's premises in Otaniemi on Friday, August 9, followed by training in a private swimming pool to practice the use of diving masks and wetsuits, as well as swimming techniques under the guidance of a diving instructor. Observations will be made from the shore on the following day.


Eligibility Criteria for the Training Program

The training program is open to all ocean lovers and citizens interested in the sea who want to learn about the Baltic Sea’s shoreline zones and understand how to solve marine challenges sustainably through observation. No prior knowledge of the Baltic Sea or natural sciences is required, but swimming skills are mandatory. The training will be held in Finnish.

For more information about Origin by Ocean Academy and participation:

Mari Granström, 
Chief Executive Activist, 
Origin by Ocean
+358 400 932 032 

Apply to the training program using the form below