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30/08/2019 Mikael Westerlund

Cooperation with Valio

Valio, one of the largest food companies in Finland is partnering with Origin by Ocean to work on algae-based food innovations. 
Cooperation with Valio

We are happy to announce the cooperation with Valio here in Finland.

Origin by Ocean and Valio have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the use of Baltic Sea seaweed in food production. Researchers from Valio's research and product development team will start testing how Origin by Ocean's ingredients processed from seaweed work in food products.

Origin by Ocean's vision is to create a business ecosystem in Finland based on Baltic seaweed. Valio, on the other hand, has the strongest food product development expertise in Finland, which Nobel laureate A.I. Virtanen laid the foundations for during his nearly 50 years as head of Valio's research laboratory.

Raw material from local seaweed

The importance of snacks in the daily lives of Finns has grown in recent years and the trend shows no signs of abating. Natural excipients derived from seaweed can be used to help keep the product's structure intact until the last day of use. This also reduces food waste. In the future, it is hoped that algae can be used to make completely new types of products.

- It's great to be involved in supporting a local company that is developing food innovations from algae from local waters. At Valio, we have accumulated a wealth of experience over the decades, from milk to oats and berries. Now it will be fun to be able to test a raw material that is completely new to us together with a young company," says Harri Kallioinen, Research and Development Director at Valio.

- This is an important step for us toward new products in the food and snack market. We are aiming for more and more algae-based ingredients to be used in food products in the future. It is also important for us that production is close to the consumer," says Mikael Westerlund, Chief Business Activist and founding member of Origin by Ocean.

We are extremely happy to soon be able to start real cooperation and potentially develop new interesting dairy products.
Here you can find the announcement in Finnish.

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