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30/08/2019 Mikael Westerlund

Valio joins forces with Origin by Ocean

Valio, one of the largest food companies in Finland is partnering with Origin by Ocean to work on algae-based food innovations. 
Valio joins forces with Origin by Ocean

We are happy to announce the cooperation with Valio here in Finland.

Origin by Ocean and Valio have cemented their collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the untapped potential of Baltic Sea seaweed in food innovation. Leveraging Valio's stellar research and product development team, we will test the incorporation of our algae-derived ingredients in a variety of food products.

Our vision at Origin by Ocean is to nurture a business ecosystem rooted in the resources of the Baltic Sea, particularly its rich seaweed deposits. Valio, on the other hand, boasts the most robust food product development expertise in Finland, a legacy bequeathed by Nobel laureate A.I. Virtanen during his half-century tenure as the head of Valio's research laboratory.

Raw material from local seaweed

Snacks have steadily risen in prominence in the Finnish dietary landscape, a trend showing no signs of slowing down. Natural additives derived from seaweed can maintain product structure throughout its shelf life, reducing food waste. Looking ahead, we envision a future where algae form the basis of entirely new product categories.

"It's a privilege to support a local enterprise pioneering food innovations from locally-sourced algae. Our vast experience spans diverse ingredients, from milk to oats and berries. Now, we are excited to experiment with a completely novel raw material in collaboration with a dynamic young company," remarks Harri Kallioinen, Research and Development Director at Valio.

"This partnership represents a major stride towards our goal of integrating more algae-based ingredients into food products. We also place great value on local production, ensuring that our goods are as fresh as possible for the consumer," says Mikael Westerlund, Chief Business Activist and co-founder of Origin by Ocean.

We eagerly look forward to this productive partnership, which holds the promise of delivering innovative, algae-powered dairy products.
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