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26/08/2022 Origin by Ocean

Be a pioneer in farming Fucus vesiculosus

Sustainable seaweed farms in the Baltic Sea. Take part in creating a new industry.
Be a pioneer in farming Fucus vesiculosus

We have been developing Fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack) farming since the company was founded. This was a historical moment for us as the first larger farming structures were successfully assembled in the Baltic Sea this summer, finalising our work developing the Fucus vesiculosus growth chain from reproduction to hatchery to nursery to releasing them to the sea.

Our big goal is to farm the required 50 000 tonnes of Fucus vesiculosus for our first commercial plant, which will be fully operational in 2026, and we are rapidly moving towards it.


We are pioneers in Fucus vesiculosus farming in the Northern latitudes. Even though there are plans to grow giant seaweed farms in European waters by North Sea Farmers, a consortium Origin by Ocean belongs to as well, this is in fact the first time that seaweed will be farmed in Finnish waters. We received the first licence to farm seaweed from the Finnish government in 2021. We have several farming locations around the Archipelago Sea, one of which is close to a 19th-century wooden shipwreck that made the headlines a few years back when it was found to have more than one hundred bottles of centuries-old champagne in it. This is thanks to our partners, who wished to put their coastal waters to good, environmentally beneficial use.


Could you be a bladderwrack farmer?

We are looking for more seaweed farming partners to supply us with feedstock for our ingredients.

If you are interested in growing Fucus vesiculosus in your waters or if you are already growing it, we can help you with your seaweed supply chain. We know how you can farm it simply, sustainably and effectively, after which you can sell it to create an amazing variety of ecological products. 

The first step in biorefining seaweed
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