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02/06/2021 Mikael Westerlund

Give her a name!

We have a new algae harvester vessel!
Give her a name!

Can you imagine that yet another year has gone by? Again, we are at the break of the summer season and we are all anxious to get out to sea.

This is also true for our “Iron Lady“, our first blue-green algae harvester. Some weeks ago we already made her ready and all dressed up for this season's duties. We are looking forward to operating her yet in the next season and gaining more insights about the blue-green algae blooms both in freshwater lakes as well as in the Baltic Sea.

However, we do have a small concern. We haven’t really come up with a suitable name for her.

Now we are reaching out to our loyal followers for help!

Can we ask for your help in naming her?

As you know all great vessels have a name. We would like to ask for your help and input in naming our “Iron Lady”. We will officially name her on the 18th of June 2021. This gives you up until the 17th of June to come up with your fantastic, humorous and unique name proposal!

Seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and name our first blue-green algae harvester vessel!!!

We are looking forward to getting MANY great name proposals from you!

So, how to participate?

Join our Facebook community and post your name proposal as a comment to our post and win a unique Origin by Ocean Mid visor cap made out of recycled Polyester.

We will personally reach out to the person who has submitted the winning name proposal, to agree on the delivery of this extremely rare, comfortable and great-looking cap!

Stay tuned for more updates directed towards our own Tribe! We will have more topics like this coming up where we do need and want your help and where each and every one of you can easily contribute.

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