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01/06/2022 Origin by Ocean

Upscaling of the Nauvu® biorefinery process

Today we are happy to announce our cooperation together with Chempolis, aimed towards our industralisation of our patented biorefinery process. 
Upscaling of the Nauvu® biorefinery process

We are thrilled to start this work with Chempolis and both parties are committed to continue the cooperation beyond the initial piloting activities. This is a historic event for us as we are moving closer to commersialising our Nauvu biorefinery process and products.


Successful piloting activities have already commenced at the Chempolis facility.
Accelerating the industrialisation of the Nauvu® biorefinery process and products.
By scaling the biorefinery process and products we are able to initiate more customer driven development projects and products. Our clear focus is at this point in products and applications where our functional ingredients provide great value to our customer, the consumer and to the environment.
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