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04/04/2024 Origin by Ocean

New algae-based cosmetics range utilises nutrient pollution in the oceans

Ole Hyvä Luonnontuote launches a cosmetics range that is the first in the world to use Origin by Ocean's algae products instead of oil-based chemicals.
New algae-based cosmetics range utilises nutrient pollution in the oceans

Ole Hyvä Luonnontuote and Origin by Ocean, a Finnish technology and materials innovation company that refines seaweed-based products, announces the launch of a cosmetics range that is the first in the world to use chemical ingredients developed by Origin by Ocean that use molecules from seaweeds instead of oil-based chemical products.

The Meri range is designed to respect the ocean, reduce its impact and harness the outstanding natural properties of algae. Launching in April, the range includes a shampoo and shower gel, a hair conditioner and a hand wash, as well as their refill packs.

As global oceans face the challenge of eutrophication, leveraging algae not only addresses biodiversity concerns but also mitigates nutrient pollution.


Obo_Ole_hyvä_2Biodegradable ingredients made from algae reduce environmental pollution in the oceans and provide an alternative to traditional petroleum-based chemical ingredients in cosmetics, food, toiletries, textiles and many other products, while washing the oceans clean of polluting nutrients. One of these algae-based products developed by Origin by Ocean, an alginate called CAERULO™, is used in Ole Hyvä's completely sulphate-free Meri detergent range.

"Our societies are heavily dependent on oil, with around 80% of the products we use every day containing oil in various forms. Even if we don't actively think about it, our everyday choices involve a huge amount of oil, a non-renewable resource. Algae can be used to replace oil, while reducing nutrient pollution in the oceans and reducing the carbon footprint of products," says Mari Granström, CEO and founder of Origin by Ocean.

In addition to replacing oil-based raw materials, algae innovations have a wide range of properties that can be used to improve the formulation of cosmetic products, for example. Origin by Ocean's CAERULO™ alginate also helps hydrate the skin's natural moisture balance, making Ole Hyvä’s Meri products ideal for dry and atopic skin. 

Ole Hyvä Luonnontuote Oy is a value-based company with a mission to leave a healthy planet for posterity. The company was founded out of concern for the environment and a desire to create sustainable change. 

"As a detergent manufacturer, it is our duty to do our part to improve the state of our seas, so partnering with Origin by Ocean was a natural choice. Together we can do concrete things to help the world's oceans which is extremely motivating," says Elli Unger, CEO of Ole Hyvä Luonnontuote Oy.

The Meri range includes a shampoo and shower gel, a hair conditioner and a hand wash. The products are made from fully biodegradable ingredients and are packaged in recycled plastic. Manufactured according to the principles of the circular economy, the products are sulphate-free and microplastic-free. They are made from invasive seaweeds, which have been sourced from the sea without polluting it. 

Meri Tyrsky and Meri Aava shampoo & shower gels 

The CAERULO™ alginate in the Shampoo & Shower Gel in the Meri range creates a protective film on the skin and scalp that maintains its moisture balance. That's why these gentle products are ideal for the whole family, including those with dry or atopic skin.

Meri Tyrsky and Meri Aava hand washes 

The CAERULO™ alginate in the Meri range of hand washes creates a film that protects the skin and maintains its moisture balance. This makes Meri Hand Washes ideal for frequent hand washers and those with dry or atopic skin. 


Ole Hyvä Meri Tyrsky caresses the senses with the natural scents of eucalyptus and aniseed. Perfect for gentle washing moments with the whole family.


Ole Hyvä Meri Aava is like a breath of fresh air from the seas of the world: the natural scents of spearmint and tea tree tickle the senses and add a touch of luxury to everyday washing. 

The Meri range is available in 300 ml bottles, 1000 ml refill bags and 3L canisters. The bottles are made of 100% recycled material.

Prices: 300 ml bottle €13.55 and 1000 ml refill bag €29.95

ORIGIN BY OCEAN is a Finnish algae refining company founded in 2019. Their patented bio-refining process enables the isolation of valuable bio-based chemicals from harmful algae and ecologically cultivated seaweed.

OLE HYVÄ LUONNONTUOTE is a family business founded in 2005 that manufactures ecological and vegan detergents that are safe for people and nature in Hamina, Southern Finland. The company operates in a fully ethical way, using 100% nature-based ingredients in its products and taking sustainability and reasonableness into account in all possible areas of production.

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Mari Granström


Origin by Ocean

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