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14/02/2024 Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean announces open call for seaweed suppliers to feed biorefinery expansion

[Helsinki, Finland] - As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable biorefinery operations, Origin by Ocean is excited to announce an open call for seaweed suppliers. This initiative marks a significant step in the company’s expansion plans and its dedication to environmental stewardship.
Origin by Ocean announces open call for seaweed suppliers to feed biorefinery expansion

With an increasing demand for eco-friendly bioproducts, Origin by Ocean is scaling up its operations and requires a stable supply of high-quality brown seaweed. The company is especially interested in invasive species such as Sargassum and Rugulopteryx okamurae, which are often found in harmful algal blooms. The pioneering company is also looking to source from seaweed farms varieties like Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) and Kelp, which are not typically associated with algal blooms but are valued for their sustainable farming practices.

Origin by Ocean has already engaged in discussions with several potential partners but recognises the need to broaden its search to meet the growing demand for industrial scale operations. “We understand the challenges in finding serious partners in this niche field,” says Heikki Heiskanen, Chief Operating Officer at Origin by Ocean. “Our approach is to openly invite suppliers. That way, we can streamline our operations as well as ensure the highest standards of environmental preservation.”

The company has been utilising a strong network, which includes both commercial and governmental organisations, to expand its search for potential seaweed suppliers globally. This collaborative effort is demonstrative of Origin by Ocean’s role as a leader in the sustainable use of marine resources and aquaculture.

Heiskanen emphasises the importance of continuously enhancing the company’s supply chain to uphold the highest standards of quality and sustainability. “Our commitment to sustainable sourcing is a cornerstone of our business model. It's not only about meeting our volume needs; it's about aligning our operations with our core values of environmental responsibility and quality assurance. This strategy is integral to our ongoing success and growth.”

Interested suppliers are encouraged to reach out to Origin by Ocean. This open call is not just an invitation for collaboration but also an opportunity to join a movement towards a more sustainable future.

Tero Valtonen, Lead Supply Chain Activist at Origin by Ocean, emphasises the importance of aligning business objectives with sustainable practices. “We’re interested in doing business, of course, but we’re also interested in building strong and long-term partnerships. We want to find the best solution for seaweed suppliers while maintaining the highest quality standards for sustainable seaweed production. We’re looking for partners who aren’t just the right size but also, critically, share our passionate vision for a sustainable future.”

Origin by Ocean is committed to creating long-term, value-driven partnerships. Suppliers who share the company’s ethos of sustainability, innovation, and trustworthiness are invited to become part of a transformative journey in the biorefinery industry.

For more information or to express interest in this opportunity, please contact Tero Valtonen at: 

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