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19/04/2024 Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean on Sitra's list of Europe’s top 30 circular solutions

Origin by Ocean has been recognised as one of Europe's leading circular solutions, as acknowledged by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra in their pioneering list unveiled at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 (WCEF2024) in Brussels.
Origin by Ocean on Sitra's list of Europe’s top 30 circular solutions

The list highlights the top 30 circular solutions for nature across Europe, showcasing practical business models that not only aim to halt biodiversity loss but also unlock substantial new business opportunities. Origin by Ocean is proud to stand among these innovators regenerating the ecosystems of our planet.

Riku Sinervo, Senior Lead for Sitra’s Sustainability solutions theme, noted the urgent need for businesses to adopt circular solutions to combat biodiversity loss. He emphasized, "Companies are starting to see the potential for tackling biodiversity loss through circular solutions, but there is little information out there to help guide them. That’s why we need inspiring examples and action-oriented guidance."

The selection recognises our efforts in creating sustainable, algae-based solutions that transform harmful algae blooms into valuable resources, reducing the need for new natural resources and allowing more room for the oceans to thrive. The more we do business the better our environment gets, embodying the very essence of a circular economy.

Circular solutions for nature find value in underused but abundant local resources. If they tackle a local problem in the process, then even better.

Riku Sinervo and Tim Forslund, Sitra

Impressive range of circular companies

 The companies selected represent a range of sectors critical in addressing biodiversity loss, including food and agriculture, buildings and construction, fibres and textiles, and forest sectors. 
A report published in 2022 by Sitra showed that the circular economy plays an essential role in halting and reversing biodiversity loss. Sitra's recognition of Origin by Ocean highlights our role in these essential industries and underscores the creative solutions our team has developed, which prioritise less extractive and more regenerative methods.

This recognition at WCEF2024 is not just a testament to our efforts but also a call to action. Sitra has also released a comprehensive handbook at the forum, providing a structured approach for businesses to integrate circular business models to combat biodiversity loss effectively. This guide is a valuable tool for companies like ours, eager to deepen our impact and refine our strategies for maximum positive effect on nature.

European policymakers can pave the way for the transition to a circular economy. Sitra has suggested in a memorandum that the EU should make the single market circular. That would enable companies to scale up their innovative solutions across Europe, fostering economic growth while leaving more space for nature to thrive.

As part of a community dedicated to sustainable development, Origin by Ocean is excited to continue leading the way in innovative circular solutions. We are not just participating in the industry; we are actively shaping a sustainable future for all.

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