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29/09/2023 Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean successfully launches industrial pilot with Caerulo™

We are proud to announce a major milestone in our mission. Caerulo™ is more than a product; it's a promise.
Origin by Ocean successfully launches industrial pilot with Caerulo™

We have successfully launched our industrial pilot, marking a significant step towards scaling up our innovative process for converting harmful algae and sustainably farmed seaweed into valuable bio-based products.

The proof is in the process

The industrial pilot, hosted at Chempolis in Oulu, Finland, has demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of Origin by Ocean's patented biorefining process on an industrial scale. The outcome of the pilot confirms that the company can efficiently and sustainably extract valuable molecules from various species of algae to produce viable alternatives to oil-based chemical products.

From invasive blooms to breakthrough products like Caerulo™

The first product to emerge from this industrial pilot project is sodium alginate, derived from invasive sargassum seaweed blooms in the Caribbean. This breakthrough product has been trademarked as Caerulo™ by Origin by Ocean. With Caerulo™ as the initial success, the company is poised to shift its focus towards further process optimisation in collaboration with AFRY, a leading engineering partner.

Utilising hundreds of kilograms of raw material in a single batch, this achievement opens doors to more accurate industrial concept design, enabling AFRY to commence their critical work. It paves the way for the development of precise blueprints, including plant drawings, as well as operational expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) calculations.

Origin by Ocean's CEO, Mari Granström, said: "Each leap in our journey, each successful trial, brings us closer to a world where the oceans breathe easier, and businesses thrive sustainably. Caerulo™ is more than a product; it's a promise".

Expanding beyond product to an ecosystem

Our mission goes beyond product development, as it aims to create a comprehensive feedstock ecosystem involving coastal entrepreneurs worldwide. By harnessing the potential of invasive algae and sustainably farmed seaweed, we not only provide sustainable product alternatives to conventional chemical ingredients used in various industries but also to rid eutrophied oceans of polluting nutrients.

Development work is ongoing, with the scale-up process and integration into the feedstock ecosystem progressing according to plan. Origin by Ocean remains committed to its mission to revolutionise the chemical industry, reduce the carbon footprint of products and contribute to the restoration of marine ecosystems.

Get to know more about how Caerulo can change your product formulation to be sustainable, biobased and effective. 

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